Guidelines For Use

The rules of our Forum can be summed up very simply – “use it, and post on it, in the same way as you would expect others to post to you”. Our simple and fundamental guidelines are as follows:-

  • Please post in the right place. The forum structure is largely self explanatory – as you’d expect all things road are in “Roads”! Two volunteers, Alison and Peta, have devoted many days of their time to create hundreds of individual Forums, one for almost every known Roman road in Britain. Use the search facility to find the right forum for your post, and make Alison & Peta’s hard work worthwhile.
  • Avoid duplication. Before starting a new topic within a forum, use the search facility to ensure that your topic hasn’t been posted before.
  • Help others to find your post. When you write a post, the “Tags” field lets you enter keywords to enable the search facility to find your post. Please use it to enter words indicating the subject, relevant placenames, and anything else that would help someone to find your post; otherwise your profound and vital contribution might never be read again!
  • Think before you post and be nice
  • BE NICE! – Use the site as you would expect others to. Any abusive, obscene or otherwise offensive posts will be removed by moderators, and the offending user may be banned from this Forum. If you notice content that is not applicable or is offensive, please report it to us.
  • Confidential information – Remember that once posted, your conversation is visible to everyone, so please take care not to post information which shouldn’t be made public. For example, this might injclude a landowner’s name (who might prefer not to be known) or the location of a newly discovered archaeological site (risking attracting illegal metal-detectorists or others whom the landowners would not wish to be exploring the site). Both would risk bringing us into disrepute.
  • Copyright – please take care not to post anything which might breach someone else’s copyright.

If in doubt, don’t, or ask the moderators for advice.