RRRA Forum Terms and Conditions

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By accessing the Forum of the Roman Roads Research Association, either through our main website or directly at  www.rrraforum.org you must agree to the following Terms & Conditions of use. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not sign up to use this forum.

1. Abusive or Obscene Content. I agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, libellous, hateful or threatening material, or any material that may cause offence to other users. I understand that if I contravene this rule, my posts may be removed and I may be permanently banned from the RRRA Forum.

2. Unlawful Content. I understand that any unlawful content (as defined by the laws of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the laws of the country of origin of the post) will be removed from the Forum, and that the ISP of the user posting said unlawful content may be notified.

3. Scope of the Forum. I understand that this forum is for the discussion of matters relating to Roman roads and associated sites only, and that postings that do not fall within the scope of the forum may be removed by the moderators.

4. Responsibility for Content. I understand that all individual content posted on this Forum is the responsibility of the individual user, and that the Roman Roads Research Association (RRRA) cannot be held responsible for any content posted by individual users on this Forum (or held liable for any consequences resulting from a posting), irrespective of whether or not that individual may or may not be a member of the Association. The RRRA cannot be held responsible for any offensive material posted on this site

5. WordPress The forum is powered by WordPress, who are not responsible for any of the content on the RRRA Forum, or what RRRA and its moderators allow or disallow as permissible content or conduct.

6. Personal Details. I understand that the Roman Roads Research Association may hold any of the information I have entered, including personal information, in a database. This data will not be disclosed by either RRRA or WordPress to any third party without my consent. I understand that neither RRRA nor WordPress may be held responsible for any hacking attempt by any individual or group that may lead to any of said data being compromised or otherwise distributed.   

7. Changes to these Terms & Conditions. I understand that these Terms & Conditions may be changed by the RRRA at any time, and that by accessing www.rrraforum.org in the future I will be deemed as agreeing to any such changes to the Terms & Conditions as may from time to time be made.

I agree to follow the above Terms and Conditions and would like to continue to register

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